Alexander Ludwig on the Set of Grown Ups 2

Alexander Ludwig is going from Cato to David Spade’s son in the sequel to 2010’s Grown Ups! He’s described the character as “a tatted badass” and it looks like he wasn’t lying!

Alexander Ludwig Grown Ups 2
That’s Adam Sandler and Shaq in the photo on the right!

Of course, he forgot to mention the wig that gives him that luscious “David Spade hair”, as seen in this fan photo:

Alexander Ludwig Nick Swardson Grown Ups 2
Alexander, Nick Swardson, and a fan

Judging by this photo posted on the Happy Madison twitter, Xander may resent Spade for forcing that hairstyle upon him!

Alexander Ludwig David Spade Grown Ups 2
Or his character has some serious daddy issues!