Alexandra Bracken Reveals Cover for New Book

Alexandra Bracken, author of the best-selling trilogy The Darkest Minds, revealed the cover of her new book Passenger during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

It’s always a joy when beloved authors come out with new books!

Since the release of the final book in The Darkest Minds trilogy, “In the Afterlight”, fans have been eagerly awaiting some new book news from Bracken.

Well, it was revealed that she’d be writing a two-book series, with the first book being Passenger.

During an interview with EW, she revealed the cover of the book, an excerpt, and shared some details —

EW: What can you tease about Passenger?

AB: I’ve been pitching it to people as National Treasure meets Outlander. There’s a very swoony—if I do say so myself—romance between Etta and Nicholas. Seeing as she’s from the 21st century, and he’s from the 18th, they’re both extremely surprised by how well they work together and understand each other’s hearts and minds considering how different their backgrounds are. They’re drawn together to find an object of unbelievable power that’s been stolen by another time traveler with only a set of clues as their guide. It takes them across all centuries and continents, all the while trying to figure out if there can be a future for them. It’s also a story about ambition, the price of it, how far people are willing to go to achieve what they desire, and living with the consequences and sacrifices of those choices.

EW: What was the inspiration behind Passenger?

AB: This is definitely a case of me writing the exact book I really wanted to read that I couldn’t find out there—a story that combined history, romance, fantasy, and adventure. I actually had the first idea kernel before I started writing The Darkest Minds series, but it took a long time to cook the story, so to speak. A few weeks after I turned in In the Afterlight, I had a lightning bolt idea about how to fix the world building problem that had kept me from writing it initially, and the rest, as they say, is history.

You can read more of the interview on EW, where she talks about more from The Darkest Minds trilogy and more book ventures.

Check out the awesome cover for Passenger!



You can also check out the exclusive excerpt!



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