Alexandra Daddario Talks About Texas Chainsaw 3D and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Recently, interviewed Alexandra Daddario, who plays Annabeth, about her most recent role in Texas Chainsaw 3D and also Sea of Monsters.

So I’m happy that they did eventually end up making a sequel.

Daddario: Yeah, me too.  I was very pleasantly surprised that they decided to make it.  Some of those actors are my best friends now in LA.  We made that movie over three years ago, which is crazy, and I think the second movie is really fantastic and we had a great time shooting it.  It’s just a really fun family film, the special effects and the green screen, and it’s just really fun to be a part of that franchise.  I love the fan base.  I really enjoy being a part of it.

Read the full interview here.


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