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After a lengthy search, ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES has cast its devastating male lead!

The movie adaptation of Jennifer Niven‘s heartwrenching YA novel All The Bright Places finally announced the actor who will be playing Finch.

Elle Fanning was announced as Violet Markey, the story’s protagonist, shortly after the film was first optioned. However, finding Theodore Finch has been more of a challenge.

On Friday, author Jennifer Niven announced via Twitter that Finch has been cast and she’s been dropping hints ever since: He signs, plays the guitar, was born in the U.S., he’s tall, etc. Finally, the news was announced.

Justice Smith, best known from The Get Down, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Paper Towns will be our Finch!

The novel follows a girl named Violet Markey who is going through dark times after her sister was killed in a car accident, in which Violet was driving. In one of her darkest moments, Violet comes face-to-face with Theodore Finch, the awkward “freak” of her grade. When she and Finch are later paired up on a school project to seek out local “natural wonders,” Violet begins to see the world as a better place, and to see Finch in a different light as a free, live-out-loud person. But Finch has problems of his own and as Violet starts to live life happily again, Finch struggles more than ever.

The film does not have a release date quite yet, but it’s due to start filming soon.



By Kait

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2 replies on “ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES Movie Casts Its Finch”

He looks nothing like Finch seriously HOW MANY TIMES does the book say ‘the color of finch’s eyes’ or chiz like that?! how are his BROWN eyes supposed to match the BLUE water thats supposed to match the color of his eyes?!

In our opinion, the color of any character’s eyes (or skin, which you didn’t mention but it tends to be the underlying conversation here) aren’t all that important to the storytelling. We’d prefer excellent acting, and Justice’s previous roles show that he can make the role of Finch heartfelt and realistic.

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