ALLEGIANT Blu-Ray & DVD Special Features Review

We got a chance to watch the Allegiant Blu-Ray & DVD special features and we give you our thoughts on it.

We took some time out of our weekend to go over the Allegiant Blu-Ray & DVD special features to explain what exactly each of the special features entailed. Check the list out below and then read our review about it.


This was kind of an overall featurette that delved in a little of everything that the other featurettes expand upon, however, you do get to see some of Veronica Roth in here, as she truly did give her blessing for the film and the changes from the book.


If you wanted to see more of Thoe James, and maybe Bill Skarsgard, then you’ll definitely want to see this featurette. We get to see how the technical aspects of using a moving crane to create the motion of the bullfrog. We also get to see the details of the fighting choreography used for Theo as they film fighting against ten others in the small compact space of the bullfrog.



In this featurette, it’s pretty self-explanatory from the title. We’re introduced to all the fictional technology that is used in the story, including the ships, the plasma bubbles, the wall that surrounds the Bureau and prevents Chicago from seeing it. Probably the exciting piece of technology that may exist in our near future is that of the battle drones that were used by Four, and then later Tris and Christina.


If you’ve seen the movie already, there really isn’t much in this featurette that will be new information for you. They basically explain the conflicts and challenges that the characters have, mostly between the other characters, such as the relationship between Tris and David and what it’s doing to Tris’s relationship with Four. Then there’s the issue with Evelyn and dealing with Four, her estranged son, and Edgar, the follower one who’s loyal to her.



Get a better idea of the actors and the characters that are introduced in Allegiant, and of course, see the camaraderie of the returning cast as they talk about reuniting again for the third film. The was nice to see as we get to hear from the actors and what it’s like to be in a film series.


Bill Skarsgard and Nadia Hilker give a tour of the sets and we get some information about what’s what in the Bureau and the other places that were introduced to us in Allegiant, including the Spire, the Decontamination Room, the military barracks, and the Surveillance cubicles that Caleb and Peter are assigned to.



Overall, the featurettes give some interesting information and it’s always fun to hear from the actors. Our favorite featurettes were the “Building the Bureau” and the “Next Chapter: Cast & Characters.”  However, it still seemed quite plain, as far as special features went, especially for the Blu-Ray portion. Usually, we’ve seen Blu-Ray special features that have an interactive portion of some sort, and considering the futuristic look of the film, you’d think they would’ve given it something for the fans to do.  Maybe something in regards to the drones, or just something where we create our own ship for the Burea. I’m surprised there were no deleted or extended scenes, or a gag reel, and that was disappointing.

As for the commentary, as much as we appreciate the work that producers Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick put into the film, we didn’t feel their commentary added much insight into the making of Allegiant, and often times it felt as if they really didn’t know what to say. And when they did speak, it was like they were just narrating the scene, which is of no use when the scene explains itself.

So, unfortunately, the special features were lacking and the commentary was mediocre. What features they did have were nice, but not anything exciting. I really hope that with Ascendant, Lionsgate would make more of an effort with the special features, much like they did with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2.

You can grab a copy of The Divergent Series: Allegiant now!


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