Ally Condie Answers Your Questions

Amidst all of the exciting thing that went on the world of Matched recently, author Ally Condie answered some fan questions over on her blog.

Ashley: Do you come out with approximately a book a year?

Yes! I’ve had a book a year out every year since 2006, with the exception of 2008 and 2010 (when I had two books come out) and 2009 (when I had none).

Angel:  Does Ky make a reappearance in Reached, specifically in Central?

I don’t want to say where Ky appears (too spoiler-y!), but I can reassure you that he will be in REACHED. The story is partially told from his point of view and he has a huge role to play.

Jenny: How did you come up with the title REACHED? Does it have an epilogue?

I came up with the title for two reasons. First, it has something to do with the Emily Dickinson poem (“I did not reach thee”) that is the central poem for this book (as the Dylan Thomas poem was for MATCHED and the Tennyson poem was for CROSSED). Second, it fits what happens in the story really well. And no, there is no epilogue.

Ally will be answering more questions each Tuesday on her blog leading up to the release of Reached along with “updates and info.”

Also mentioned in her blog post, there is now a Pinterest board for the trilogy! If you’re on Pinterest make sure to follow!

Make sure to check out Ally’s blog here!

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