Alona Tal on How ‘SUPERNATURAL’ Prepared Her for Latest Role


Alona Tal has moved on from playing tough gal ‘Supernatural’ character, Jo Harvelle (well, now that she’s dead), to an actress with an apparently huge fan base on ‘Cult,’ which premieres this Tuesday, February 26th, on The CW.  Sound familiar?  Check out the video after the jump.

On the new CW series Cult, Alona Tal plays an actress who is on a hit show with a passionate fan base. Luckily for her, she already knows what that feels like.

Tal, 29, starred as Jo Harvelle on several seasons of Supernatural and she says the experience helped her understand what her new character, Marti Gerritsen, is going through.

“I got to observe that from a safe place because I was never a lead character on [Supernatural], but I spent enough time on the show to see how fans respond to the lead actors,” Tal says.

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