A recent video shows the many similarities between Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Disney’s Zootopia.

Who would have thought that a hit children’s movie, Zootopia, would be identical to the second movie of the new Spider-Man franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man 2? As surprising as it sounds, a video created by YouTube channel CouchTomato parallels the two movies and points out twenty four scenes that are exactly alike.

So here are some reasons why Zootopia and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are very, very similar.

  1. Rough Childhood

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened up with a flashback scene of Peter’s sad childhood, due to his parents constantly leaving him. Zootopia also started off with showing Judy’s not-so-bright past. Both movies display a depressing past of their respective protagonists right at the start.

  1.  Defend Others

Although both characters had a rough childhood, they didn’t let that negativity guide their life. Rather, they put all their energy into defending those who are unable to defend themselves.

  1. Grow Up to Be Crime Fighters

Both characters were  bullied as children, but they grow up to be crime fighters. Peter takes the role of Spider-Man due to his powers, while Judy becomes the first bunny to join Zootopia’s police department.

  1. Amateur at Crime Fighting

However, just because they want to be expert crime fighters doesn’t mean they are. Both characters try their best, but there are many times when their negligence is shown. They both look like they know what they’re doing, but they actually don’t.

  1. Do better than Police

In both movies, both characters do much better than the local police does at finding the criminal. More often than not, the character is faster and much more efficient than the police, and fixes the problem before the police can.

  1. Prefer Police

Although both characters do their best to maintain peace and order in their respective cities, the public does not always appreciate them. Rather, they prefer to “let the police do their job.” Both characters are the headlines of their local newspaper, with the media doing nothing but bashing their efforts.

  1. Fox and Foxx

But there still are people who appreciate and care about the main characters. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter meets Jamie Foxx, who is in awe of Spider-Man’s capabilities. Similarly, Judy finds Nick Wilde, also a fox, who seems to appreciate her work.


8. Fox and Foxx Have Terrible Bosses

Both Jamie Foxx and Nick the fox are constantly tormented by their bosses. Neither Foxx nor the fox has any friends, and they both come to the conclusion that they are meant to live in seclusion.

  1. Taser

Because the Foxes are surrounded by people who hate them, they are constantly trying to taze them.

  1. Drowning

Yes, these evil people have also attempted at drowning both foxes.

Watch the original video by CouchTomato here: