AMC Ordered Two Seasons for THE WALKING DEAD L.A. Companion Series

The Walking Dead L.A.

A lot of confidence rides on The Walking Dead L.A.

The Walking Dead L.A., which I’m calling it since they have yet to announce the official title (although Fear the Walking Dead has been going around for a while,) has been approved for two seasons from AMC.  Despite never having aired one episode of The Walking Dead‘s companion series (I guess they also don’t want to call it a spinoff series for technicality reasons,) AMC seems pretty confident enough in the success of the original the series to allow for it to have at least a two-season run.

“We feel empowered by this two-season commitment, a serious show of faith from our network partner AMC,” Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said in a statement. “I personally take it as a sign that they believe, like we do, that we’ve accomplished our goal of developing something original that can pay tribute to the original show and expand the world I created while at the same time having something new to say with this story. I’m very grateful that we now have the opportunity to tell this amazing story and show the fans that we really haven’t scratched the surface yet when it comes to The Walking Dead.”

No doubt, AMC knows a good formula when it has one, especially when the show is going to be produced by the same people that are already producing the East-coast group.  And with Sons or Anarchy Dave Erickson as showrunner, it does seem like it’s The Walking Dead L.A. will be in good hands.  This is what Erickson had to say about it:

“This vote of confidence from our partners at AMC is gratifying, to say the least. We’ve been blessed with amazing writers and a stellar cast—and we can’t wait to build this apocalyptic drama over the next two seasons and hopefully beyond.”

Kim Dickens, who we just announced earlier as being cast in the Tim Burton-directed movie Miss Peregrine’s Home of Peculiars, had this to say about the show and her character in it:

“I like the role. I like that she was this bad-ass, Sigourney Weaver-type character. It was so fun, and the stakes are so high. It’s just so exciting, a fun sort of fantasy world to be in when I’ve done some other very grounded pieces lately. It’s always good to keep it exciting. Apparently there are more zombies that need killing.”

I definitely can’t wait to see what they plan on doing with a new backdrop and that west-coast attitude, because we all know that Los Angelenos have a different sort of style all their own.  They are pretty much a different species, so who knows how they handle a zombie apocalypse there.