AMC Unveils THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 Banner For Comic-Con

The Walking Dead season 6 banner revealed

AMC is bringing the cast of The Walking Dead back to San Diego Comic-Con and today they just revealed The Walking Dead season 6 banner that will no doubt make its presence known at the convention center housing the event.

The Walking Dead season 6 banner

It doesn’t really say much, but what you can notice is the splitting of the group into what seems like two sides, with Rick and Morgan in a kind of face off. And you might notice that Father Gabriel is not on the side he was when it came into Alexandria, but that’s not surprising considering his psychological state at the end of last season.

And of course, there’s the insane season 5 ending, in which *SPOILERS* Morgan arrives in Alexandria just in time to see Rick violently execute Alexandria’s local wife abuser and only doctor, Pete, after Pete haphazardly kills Deanna’s husband, Reg, as he steps between the two to stop them from killing each other.  Yeah, that was jaw-dropping.

So, there’s going to be some division and animosity and downright fighting. It wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without all that. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. It’s just the first clue as to what we’ll be seeing in the coming season, and we’ll probably know more once the panel hits at SDCC.

The Walking Dead panel will be held on Friday, July 10th, in Hall H from 12pm to 1pm, with Fear the Walking Dead following from 1pm to 2pm.


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