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Get a First Look At Vulcan in Starz’s AMERICAN GODS

Take a look at Vulcan from the upcoming Starz fantasy series AMERICAN GODS!

American Gods is an upcoming fantasy series about old gods, with the lack of believers, who are blending in as normal people while new gods become steadily stronger. Of course, the old gods are do not that information well, and the turmoil begins between the two factions.

We take a look at one of the new characters on the show. Vulcan, played by Corbin Bernsen, is shown in the image below with Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday (on left) and Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon (on right). Although Vulcan is not a character written in Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods (which the series is based on), he was inspired by one of Gaiman’s experiences, as said by showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

Vulcan is the god of beneficial and hindering fire. He forges armour, weapons and other things for gods and heroes. That makes him a fascinating add to the cast of characters in American Gods.

American Gods premieres on April 2017.


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