AMERICAN GODS SDCC Panel Announces New Addition Kristin Chenoweth

Bryan Fuller unveils new casting, guest appearance at Comic-Con!

Kristin Chenoweth is headed to STARZ’s American Gods as a goddess of old whose name is very familiar: Easter!

The actress joined several members of the cast and crew, as well as novelist Neil Gaiman, at San Diego Comic-Con for the surprise announcement.

As the mysterious old god Mr. Wednesday travels around the country trying to convince the other old gods to prepare for a harsh war against the new gods, he finds some serious resistance in the Pagan goddess of fertility. Easter believes that because a holiday with her name is still celebrated, she’s not being forgotten by the American people. However, when Mr. Wednesday forces her to face the facts (with the help of a clueless coffee shop waitress who claims to be Pagan,) she has to make a difficult choice.

In the books, Easter is a rather posh woman with lots of make-up, nice clothing, and an amusingly stubborn personality that nearly gives Shadow and Wednesday a run for their money. It seems the character will be much the same in the books, judging from Kristin’s assessment of the character.

American Gods will come to Starz in 2017.


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