An Introduction to Newest DOCTOR WHO Companion, Danny Pink

Earlier this year we told you about a new companion joining the Doctor and Clara this season named Danny Pink who is played by Samuel Anderson. Well, we know a bit more about him, and his role on the show now, thanks to a recent interview by EW.  If you desire to know more, see excerpt below!

Doctor Who Series 8

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell us about your character.
SAM ANDERSON: Daniel Pink. He’s experienced a lot. He used to work for the British army as a young man —which, as you’ll find out through the series, questioned his morals, and questioned him as a man, and he decided that he would become a math teacher. He’s quite an everyday man, into the simple things.

And he’s a love interest for Jenna Coleman’s character Clara, right?
I’m the companion’s companion! Those are the kind of things I’ve been hiding until I read an interview with Jenna and it’s like, “Oh right, she said it. Okay.”

How much did you know about the show before you auditioned?
I mean… “Exterminate!” [Laughs] My sister was a massive fan. There were always posters in her room. I was aware enough. Before the audition, I took some time out and did my homework, just to see what I was getting involved in.

Visit EW for the complete interview!

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