Andrew Lincoln Talks About THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale and being too far gone

Does Andrew Lincoln see Rick as too far gone?

In a recent interview, Andrew Lincoln talks about The Walking Dead season finale and being too far gone, which pretty much seemed to be the central theme, especially in the second half of this season.  The Alexandria community is idyllic, however, after what Rick and the group have been through, including the deaths that they’ve had to bear in this season alone, it’s been hard for them to see anything as hopeful.

In a situation such as this, where they’ve been duped before, it’s hard to grasp that Alexandria can actually be their home.  They’ve suffered much and Lincoln delves into the effects of the season and into the season finale and what it means for his character to see Morgan again after all he’s been through.

The big focus of season five was to see if these people are too far gone in terms of their humanity and if they can fit back in to what a new world looks like. Do you think Rick is too far gone?

I think he’s certainly damaged. This season, since getting to Alexandria, it’s very much about Rick thinking about whether he has to change for this world or if the world has to change for him. I think we really got lucky with the gates being opened. But I think it’s going to take Rick some time for him to assimilate. Deanna (Tova Feldshuh) has realized that she’s almost catching up to where Rick is. It’s a difficult one. I defend my character, and I don’t see him as too far gone; I see him as realistic in tems of his own experience of the world.

With Deanna now having lost her husband and one of her sons, how might their relationship change given the return of the Ricktatorship? How will this time be different?

I’m very keen for it not to be an “I told you so moment” at the end because she lost so much in such a short space of time. I did feel that with her calling for the execution, there was a knowing in that response to her husband’s murder. It’s a very dark ending to the season, but then there’s also other things on the horizon as well which don’t look very good for the Alexandrians. In the space of four episodes, Deanna’s world has come crashing down. As is the way with our show, we carry a lot of baggage with us, and in short space of time, we seem to have made ourselves at home and and also broken a few things along the way.

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Morgan arrives at Alexandria to find Rick executing someone — in front of a whole crowd, no less. Is there part of Morgan who feels like Rick may be regressing the same way he has been?

Certainly Rick looks like a completely changed man. Morgan appears like a mirage, and Rick can’t understand why or how he gets back into his life. From where I stood, he looks like a different man — a man who seems far more calm, collected and rational. That is going to make for some very interesting drama.

Can Morgan and Michonne level Rick a bit?

That’s a very good point; I hadn’t thought about Michonne yet. In episodes 15 and 16, you realize that he’s a tinder box and ready to explode. It feels like he’s a control freak, and he relinquished control and people died. That’s how Rick viewed it. He was so responsible for everybody, and I do think there are certain people that have his ear — people who are responsible like Michonne, Glenn and now Daryl — but also there are people who have different methods, like Carol, who have had quite an influence on Rick. There are lots of open-ended questions going into season six about where people stand in this new community and what they want for it.

Jessie is Rick’s first love interest since Lori. How does Pete’s death impact their relationship?

It’s not looking promising! That first candlelit dinner could be a bit awkward. It’s never easy for Rick, is it? He has feelings for the first time in two years, and the woman in question is married, and within a short space of time, Rick has a street brawl and shoots her husband. It’s not tender in the apocalypse — it’s a bit more complicated than that. I look forward to reading the script — or at least that first scene — to see how that goes!

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What about Michonne — she’s been the one to whack Rick when he’s getting out of line. How would you characterize their relationship: Are they friends or is there the potential to see something romantic between them? A lot of people have been rooting for a romance between them.

My mom has as well, she’s very much behind that! I love their relationship, and I think there are certain people that he has respect and love for, and he owes his life to. And Michonne is one of those people who can call him out, as we saw this season, and he will listen. Daryl is able to do it, Tyreese was able to do it and Glenn is able to do it. There are few people who are able to anchor him. I’m intrigued to see where Michonne and Rick’s relationship goes.


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