Angelina Jolie on Wearing Leather Horns and Acting With Her Daughter In ‘Maleficent’ (Video)


In an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday morning, Angelina Jolie talked about her villainous role as Maleficent (out today!).

On getting into that costume:

I has two different sets of horns – I had horns that I could pop off, because I kept banging into things, and when they were wrapped in leather, I couldn’t. So I was this seven-and-a-half-foot-tall thing with my staff, and I kept getting my staff caught in my cloak. It all went terribly wrong!

On her 5 year-old daughter acting in the movie:

The first day she acted was when she had to catch the butterfly, and I wasn’t in the scene with her, and that was, I think, a little bit more complicated. Disney told us it’s the funniest dailies they’ve ever seen because it’s me and Brad jumping around, and I’m holding the ball and trying to get her to follow me, and he’s on the cliff, kind of getting her to jump into his arms, and we’re singing. It was hard work!

On if she wants her children to pursue acting, and the good part of being in the public eye:

You can’t stop your kids from anything. The creative side is wonderful; the very public side is not something I think we wish for them.… You do some things that are fun, and you can also shed light on really serious issues, and things that you really care about, and that’s the most wonderful side of being public. You can do some good. For that, I think I’ve found the balance in a purpose for it all.

Watch the whole interview below: