Angourie Rice and Debby Ryan Giggle Together In EVERY DAY “Sisters” Clip

Every Day is about accepting love without boundaries. Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) falls for “A,” who ends up in the body of different person every time the clock strikes midnight. Thus, “A” has no defined race, gender, sexuality, or abilities. “A” is a soul, one Rhiannon chooses to love. However, their love isn’t the only type represented in the story.

With the film hitting theaters today, Orion Pictures released another new clip from the film that focuses on the connection between Rhiannon and his sister Jolene, portrayed by Debby Ryan. Rhiannon clearly happier than usual on their car ride to school, and Jolene has certainly noticed. Of course, she doesn’t know what’s really going on with Rhiannon…

Every Day is in theaters now.

By Kait

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