Announcements: Dream Cast and Maze Monday

Hello everyone! In this post, we have a couple of announcements, introducing our new attributes!

Have you ever dreamed who should be playing the main characters in the (possibly) upcoming movie “The Maze Runner?” I know I have, and now, you can share them your dream cast with us! Every Thursday here on The Fandom, we’re going to post different actors and actresses for who we think should be playing each character. Please add who you would like to play Alby, Frypan, Chuck, Gally, Teresa, Minho, Newt and Thomas to the coments below!  Next Thursday, we are going to start with Alby, so get those picks in soon! For each post, there will be several actors that fit the role, and you can poll in your votes. By the end of a course of eight weeks, we should have our full Maze Runner dream cast!

Also, Monday April 29th, we will commence Maze Monday! Every Monday, we will post a new, unfinished maze . The first person to solve it and send it by e-mail to will receive a certificate, stating you were the first to send it in! On top of that, we will recognize you in next week’s Maze Monday post!

We are both very excited to be starting new regular posts, and hope we get great responses! Even though we have these going on, be sure to check our site regularly for informational and/or innovative posts.

Glade on!

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