Another Fan Casting for ‘THE FAULT IN OUR STARS’ Hazel and Augustus, This Time By MTV’s Crew

Not that they have any more say so than we do, but here’s the 3 actors and actresses they chose to spotlight for the roles of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, respectively.


Taissa Farmiga
Admittedly, I pretty much want to cast Taissa Farmiga in everything, ever. But I really do think she’d be an amazing Hazel. It’s such a complicated role, and Taissa is a pro at striking just the right balance between hopeful teen and jaded skeptic. (Just watch her in “American Horror Story” if you don’t believe me.) Kat Rosenfield

Elle Fanning
Thinking of casting “The Fault in Our Stars” just makes me think of “The Fault in Our Stars” itself, which makes me cry too hard to care about actors—but in my calmer moments, I want Elle Fanning in the part of Hazel. I never want to go on record saying any young star looks believably terminal, so let’s just say that Elle has the necessary fragile appearance—but with a sweet, roundish face to address Hazel’s “chipmunked cheeks”—with acting chops and enough sassiness to capture the lead role. OK. Now back to the fetal position.Brooke TarnoffNextMovie

Mae Whitman
Who am I to argue with John Green, who tweeted that he would be happy to have the “Parenthood” actress portray his protagonist. Mae’s proven herself in a slew of supporting film roles, including brash Mary Elizabeth in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” It’s time she land the lead, and I can’t imagine a better role for her than whip-smart Hazel. Amy Wilkinson



Nicholas Braun
Dark-haired, blue-eyed, and extremely freakin’ tall: Nicholas Braun has all the physical earmarks of a great Augustus, and he’s still gangly enough to be convincing as a teenager. But the real thing that makes him my favorite for the part is his ability to be both funny and vulnerable on screen, often at the same time. Kat Rosenfield

Logan Lerman
I know he’s 21 already. I know this is wrong. But I can’t get Logan Lerman out of my head as Augustus. He’s so lovely, so versatile in his various teen personas (cocky-powerful in “Percy Jackson,” humble-powerless in “Perks of Being a Wallflower”) and, like, way way younger than the original cast of “90210” when they were playing high school students.Brooke TarnoffNextMovie

Evan Peters
Don’t worry, Brooke. I’ll see your 21 and raise you five, because my pick for Hazel’s honey is 26-year-old Evan Peters. Few actors play love-sick teen better than the “American Horror Story” star, who somehow made his dangerously deranged Tate seem dreamy. My only reservation is that he’s just under 6 feet tall, but I’m sure the height differential will be all but forgotten when I’m ugly crying into my jumbo popcorn. Amy Wilkinson

As for who I’d pick, well, if it’s on just appearance, let’s just say that it’s none of these, maybe except for Taissa… maybe.  And it’s funny that Brooke Tarnoff would say that Logan is already 21, considering that the other two picked are older than him.  The ultimate test is the auditions, and we can only hope that there are two people out there that can pull off the characters’ strengths as well as their vulnerabilities, and also be able to have that chemistry just right.  

You can read the full article on Hazel here, and the one on Augustus here.

By Kait

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