Another Possible SUICIDE SQUAD Spoiler Leaks Online

The latest SUICIDE SQUAD spoiler hints at an origin story possibly featured in the film.

DC’s Suicide Squad movie has a leaking problem. The film suffered a massive blow to its ego after a three-minute trailer from San Diego Comic-Con ended up online, forcing Warner Bros to release the high quality version much earlier than intended. Now, another possibly huge Suicide squad spoiler has come to light.

A stunt double for Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) posted this photo up on Instagram, only to delete her account just after fans made the discovery and started passing it around the Internet.

suicide squad spoiler

If you didn’t know, Ace Chemicals is the infamous brand of toxic waste that The Joker took a dip in, causing him to lose his mind and become the villain we all know and love. In some versions of the Batman comics, The Joker also forces Dr. Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn to take a dip to achieve her maniacal state and begin their twisted relationship.

Since this was posted by a Harley Quinn stunt double, we can’t help but wonder if her origin story (the chemical bath version!) will be featured in the film. Surely we can expect backgrounds on some of the characters and The Joker and Harley Quinn are hugely popular.

Then again, it’s quite possible this set piece was added in simply as an Easter Egg for comic book fans, but got let out of the bag too early to delight fans on screen.

We’ll find out on August 16, 2016!


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