Ant-Man banner offers our 1st good look at Yellowjacket

A look at Corey Stoll’s Yellowjacket!

Though Ant-man isn’t hitting in theaters until July 17, but Marvel Studios is putting the art department to work earlier than expected. A banner has just dropped for the upcoming movie, and it shows the first look of Ant-man’s/Henry Pym’s antagonist, Yellowjacket.

From what we see from the banner, Yellowjacket has a secondary set of arms, which are as “organic”-looking from what would be expected from an invention created by a biochemist. The jacket is a black-full body suit, with yellow as a full contrast color (good think it’s not yellow spandex).

In the upcoming movie, Ant-man, though while in the comic, Yellowjacket is actually Pym’s evil robot creation and later Pym himself, the movie has Yellowjacket as Darren Cross (Corey Stoll), who is a rival scientist/businessman. According to Stoll, “yellowjacket” is the second-generation technology of Pym’s original Ant-man suit. “It can do anything Ant-man can do, and more.”

As a technology that can give you super strength while reducing your target size, what could possible go wrong?