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ANT-MAN Prequel Comic Explains Hank Pym’s Connection to AGENT CARTER

The popular theory behind Agent Carter’s cameo in ANT-MAN may be all wrong.

As any Marvel exec will tell the fans, “It’s all connected.” The new Ant-Man prequel comic is proving that even further!

When it was first announced that Hayley Atwell aka Peggy Carter would have a cameo in ANT-MAN, it was assumed that the story would be flashing back to her meeting Hank Pym during her early work with S.H.I.E.L.D. However, the ANT-MAN prequel comic meant to tease the upcoming film shows the two developing a different relationship.

In the comic, a much older Agent Carter helps Hank Pym train for a mission in the Ant-Man suit during the Cold War era, long after the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. It looks like Peggy is in her late 50s and Hank is in his 30s.

Check out a preview panel of Peggy and Hank at work:



The ANT-MAN prequel comic will definitely tie in to the cinematic universe, according to Marvel. So it seems like Peggy and Hank will have worked together extensively in the 80s, though it certainly is possible that they met prior to that.


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