Anthony Daniels Talks Star Wars, C-3PO at Emerald City Comicon

Anthony Daniels talks Star Wars Episode VII, oil bath scene at Emerald City Comicon

Anthony Daniels was part of this year’s very impressive guest line-up at Emerald City Comicon and we were there!  Daniels, best known for playing Star Wars’ iconic golden droid, C-3PO, was obviously unable to talk much about what we all wanted to hear about: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but did disclose the fact that his gold costume has improved over time.  He shared with the audience that the head piece alone used to take 20 minutes to put on, but now is done in just eight seconds! Whether those figures are exact, we may never know, but it’s clear that improvements have been made, which must make filming much less painful — that suit does not look comfortable!

In addition to that tid-bid Daniels had was quite engaged with the audience, bringing a few attendees on stage, and even coming down to the audience to ask questions (with security closely behind, of course!) which is not something you typically see celebrity guests do. Check out the below videos — mostly for the audio, as the video quality is not very good — to hear some of his banter with the audience, a humorous account of C-3PO’s oil bath scene, and an onstage reunion with fellow droid R2-D2!