Apparating and Splinching Appear in Day Seven of 12 Days of Pottermore

When apparating, remember the three Ds that Wilkie Twycross emphasizes.

Apparating is not something to be taken lightly in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  You can read more about it when you solve the riddle:

12 Days of Pottermore Apparition

Wilkie Twycross orders students to persevere,
in their futile attempts to turn and disappear,
but regardless of whether the students can do it or not,
what is it called when a wizard appears on the spot?

Of course, the answer is actually given as one of the links in the sidebar, so it should be fairly easy to open.

12 Days of Pottermore Apparition Great Hall


You’ll notice right away the audio excerpt that starts once you get in the Great Hall.  Both Twycross and the narrator are heard as you search for the things to collect.  Look for the stack of five galleons, the Balfour Blane Chocolate Frog card, and the exploding bon bons, for which you’ll have to zoom in to grab.

12 Days of Pottermore Apparition Susan Bones

You’ll see Susan Bones in her unfortunate splinching incident and Ernie MacMillan on the far left doing something that’s more dancing than apparating.

Sorry, there’re no new personal notes from author J.K. Rowling in this seventh day of the 12 Days of Pottermore.

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