New AQUAMAN Photo of Amber Heard’s Lady Mera revealed

AQUAMAN director James Wan tweeted out Amber Heard’s new look for her character, Lady Mera, and it’s…bright.

Not much news or images have been coming out of the Aquaman set, but that’s fine. We don’t need to know everything right at the moment. But one image has emerged from the murky waters of the DC universe. The first image of Amber Heard as Lady Mera looked subdued in color, and it certainly had an “I’m too sexy” look to the character, which is fine.

But as you see below, James Wan not only gave Mera a different suit, but added a little more saturation and vibrancy to her look, including her hair.

Honestly, when I first saw the image, it took a second to realize that it wasn’t Poison Ivy. The green suit, the red hair, even Amber’s face has an odd look in that shot and it makes her look not exactly like Amber Heard. But then when my brain figured it out, I was able to rate it as a decent outfit for the Queen of Atlantis.

Here’s a bigger image of the tweeted out one:

Aquaman is scheduled to hit theaters December 21,  2018.


By Kait

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