International AQUAMAN Promo Shows an Arthur And Orm Face Off

New international teaser for Aquaman offers fans a glimpse at Arthur Curry’s showdown with his half-brother King Orm.

It’s been a while since fans have seen any DC heroes on the big screen so it’s no wonder that there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Aquaman film. And Warner Bros. is riding the fans’ excitement, spending millions on promoting this much anticipated film.
This new promo released on the Warner Bros. Latinoamerica Youtube channel shows a few familiar shots like Arthur battling an enemy on a ship in his iconic orange and green Aquaman costume. But there’s something else new in the 10-seconds long clip. See if you can spot it at the top of the post!
We’ll give you a hint. Even though Aquaman may be a globe-trotting action packed film, at its core, our protagonist has a very human conflict. Almost reminiscent of Thor’s personal struggle with his brother Loki, so too does Arthur with his brother.
And we don’t have too long to wait now to watch this familial dynamic play out.
Aquaman hits U.S. theaters December 21.

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