ARROW Adds The Calculator Into Casting Equation

The Calculator will be a key factor in the return of an ARROW fan favorite!

We’d previously heard that Roy Harper aka Arsenal (played by Colton Haynes) will be making his way back to Arrow and thanks to another casting announcement, we also know why he’ll be returning.

Tom Amandes, an alum from producer Greg Berlanti’s previous project Everwood, has been cast as an infamous DC baddie known as The Calculator. The character, better known as Noah Kuttler, is “a criminal mastermind and technical genius who uses his advanced skills in computer science and Internet manipulation to blackmail Roy out of retirement.”


We don’t know exactly what The Calculator has on Roy, but it’s got to be good since it will convince him to become Arsenal once again and get Team Arrow gunning for him.

There’s no word yet on when The Calculator will make his first appearance, nor how many episodes we can expect him to stick around.