Watch the Arrow “Brotherhood” Trailer

After last night’s action and drama filled episode, The CW has released the Arrow “Brotherhood” trailer, which makes makes a huge reveal! Watch it now!

Ever since we’ve known Diggle, we have heard about the story of his brother being murdered. It wasn’t until just recently that we found out that the people responsible for his murder is HIVE, which is led by this season’s Big Bad, Damien Darhk. This preview, however, reveals that John’s brother is not only alive, but under the influence of HIVE. This makes things complicated for Team Arrow (when were things ever not complicated?). It looks like the episode is going to be quite the thrill ride!

I, for one, am very happy with where this show is going. We have been gifted with some great character moments (Felicity finally is back to her normal, snarky self), so with the upcoming episode being all about Diggle’s brother, I am hoping we get some awesome Diggle moments.

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