ARROW Casts Marc Singer As Matthew Shrieve

ARROW has thrown a classic DC comic book character into its midst, but his original storyline may not play out this season.

Marc Singer (V, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) join this season of ARROW in the recurring role of Matthew Shrieve, who was the human leader of the Creature Commandos, a militarized mix of monsters fighting to protect society. However, Shrieve will be making his appearance in flashback form only (at least for this season), so it’s hard to imagine the Creature Commandos storyline would play out in that fashion. Then again, the Creature Commandos were originally a World War II era group, so who knows?

Green Arrow TV has a great point about how Singer’s casting shows that intricate connections in the DC Universe:

Singer has a DC connection as the voice of Man-Bat (Dr. Kirk Langstrom) on Batman: The Animated Series. He’s also a cousin of Superman Returns director Bryan Singer, and, of course, that was the movie that featured Arrow’s Brandon Routh as Superman. It’s all connected!

Matthew Shrieve will make his first appearance in ARROW on Episode 14, “The Return”.

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