ARROW: Madison McLaughlin Returns as Archer

Madison McLaughlin, who played Evelyn Sharp last season on Arrow, will return to season 5 under the name Artemis.

Last season on Arrow, we met Evelyn Sharp, the troubled teenager driven by vengeance who impersonated the late Black Canary and attempted to kill the Darhks. Although Team Arrow foiled her plans and knocked some sense into her, it seems that she is going to return in the upcoming season.

Madison McLaughlin to return on Arrow season 5

It has been confirmed that actress Madison McLaughlin is going to reappear as Evelyn Sharp in season 5 of Arrow. But she won’t be the same careless teen as before. Rather, she’s now going to take on the mantle of Artemis, who in the DC universe, is the Green Arrow’s villain-turned-hero sidekick.

McLaughlin will appear in  multiple season 5 episodes, starting from episode 2. She’s also joining a few other new cast members, such as Rick Gonzales who is playing Wild Dog, and Josh Segarra, who is now going to act as the Vigilante.

Arrow season 5 comes out on October 5 on the CW, so we’ll just have to wait until then to see where Evelyn’s character goes.