ARROW Season 5 Premiere Episode Title Revealed

Let the speculations begin for ARROW season 5 with the reveal of the title for the premiere episode!

Arrow‘s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, revealed on twitter the cover page for the first episode of season 5 in which we are displayed the title of the premiere episode, “Legacy”.

Arrow season 5

Marc Guggenheim also revealed, in the same tweet, that production has begun for season 5.

There is no actual synopsis of the first episode yet but as fans we can do what we do best and speculate! The mysterious (not really) title “Legacy” could be meant for Laurel and Detective Lance, on how he will move on after that heart wrenching death. Maybe it will represent Team Arrow and what the future holds for them since they were pretty much in shambles at the end of season 4.

We’ll keep you updated on further news of season 5. Until then, let us know your speculation or comments on the first episode title “Legacy” in the comments below.

Arrow season 5 premieres October 5th on The CW.

Source: Comicbook