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A New Hero Rises as Oliver Faces Prison In ARROW Season 7 SDCC Trailer

Oliver faces the consequences as new threats arrive in ARROW Season 7 trailer!

After years of exposure threats, the end of Season 6 of Arrow saw Oliver Queen outed as the Green Arrow, arrested, and thrown in prison for willfully breaking the laws of Star City with his vigilante justice. Now, we’re seeing what life is like after Oliver’s arrest in the official Comic-Con trailer!

Despite Oliver trying to keep his head down in prison, where former foes like Brick, Derek Sampson, and Bronze Tiger lurk after him, he’s still facing plenty of trouble. Meanwhile, the old team after fighting to protect Oliver’s legacy while a new villain looks to strike down everyone who Oliver ever cared for. Black Siren has taken up the mantel for the police as a new Green Arrow steps up to protect the streets, much to her chagrin.

Throughout it all, there’s a new man under the hood posing as Green Arrow and we’re pretty sure who it is: Roy Harper aka Arsenal, Oliver’s on-again, off-again protege who’s returning for the new season.

The San Diego Comic-Con panel also gave us more insight as to whom the Season 7 villains will be: The Longbow Hunters, a trio of legendary assassins recruited by Richard Diaz to take down Oliver and his friends as Diaz’s criminal empire reaches new heights. Holly Elissa (Whistler) has been cast as Red Dart, Michael Jonsson (Van Helsing) as Kodiak, and Miranda Edwards (The Magicians) as Silencer.

Arrow returns to The CW in a new Monday time slot for Season 7 on October 15, 2018.

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