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ARROW’s J.R. Ramirez Joins JESSICA JONES Season 2

JESSICA JONES is back to causing trouble for people in her building next season!

J.R. Ramirez is headed from DC to Marvel for a supporting role in Jessica Jones Season 2!

The actor, who also played Wildcat on Arrow and had a recent role as Julio on Power, will play Oscar, Jessica’s new building superintendent. Like most members of her building, it’s not long until he’s caught up in Jessica’s hi-jinks. Oscar has a young son who is a bit obsessed with Jessica, but the father fears the inevitable troubles that follow after people with powers.

“J.R. is an incredible addition to our cast, bringing complex and subtle emotion and humor. He exudes warmth, edge and intelligence, and blends perfectly with our tone,” executive producer Melissa Rosenberg said in the official casting announcement.

Ramirez’s character is the show’s second named Oscar, though it’s unknown of that has any significance to Jessica. Oscar Clemons (Clarke Peters) was the lead detective on the Hope Schlottman case in Season 1. He was killed by Will Simpson during his brutal search for answers.

No word yet on when Jessica Jones Season 2 will come to Netflix.

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