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Arthur Curry’s Age in AQUAMAN Now Revealed

Were you right in the AQUAMAN age guessing game?

Arthur Curry gained quite a fanbase during his appearance in Justice League. Now he’s back as the headline of his own movie and thereby kick starting DC’s resurgence into the superhero movie universe. Due to most of his background story getting glossed over in Justice League, Aquaman really is still an anomaly to fans.

Not anymore. With Warner Bros. promotional effort going strong, fans can now learn more about this underwater hero through Arthur’s Guide to Atlantis. Newly released, the book is now available for preorder via Amazon and other bookstores. Giving fans just a little bit more context to the world of Aquaman before it hits the big screen this December. And the most important piece of information this book reveals? His age.

So it turns out that Arthur Curry was born in 1986, which means in the DC Extended Universe, he’s 32 years old. Just like every other superhero before him, Aquaman’s been depicted in many different ways. In some comics, he has a beard and a hook hand while in others, he’s painted in a much lighter manner. From the trailers and other promotional materials released this year, it looks like this new Aquaman adaptation is hoping for a happy medium between the two. Guess we’ll just have to wait until next month just to find out how.


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