Arya’s Coin Fails Her In New GAME OF THRONES Clip, Plus Maisie Williams Discusses The Show

Arya’s coin just isn’t granting her the same good luck outside of Westeros.

For the past two seasons of GAME OF THRONES, Arya Stark has been granted by a lucky coin given to her by Jaqen H’ghar in season two. Arya’s coin allowed her travel freely and convince others simply. All she had to do was hold it up and declare “Valar Morghulis”– The phrase, which translates to “All Men Must Die”, was the Season 4 slogan.

In a new clip from Season 5 presented by Maisie William on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, Arya learns the hard way that her coin and catchphrase don’t have the same power in Braavos, leaving her in a troublesome position.

Maisie Williams also talked to Jimmy Kimmel about why she doesn’t read the books and her awkward experience watching the violent, sexual show with her Gramdma!