Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld Start Filming “Ten Thousand Saints” In NYC

Hailee Steinfeld,Emile Hirsch and Asa Butterfield have fun on the set of Ten Thousand Saints in New York City

If you didn’t know, Hailee Steinfeld and Asa Butterfield are filming once more together! This time leaving the flash suits in battle school they settle in NYC to film the movie “Ten Thousand Saints,” an adaptation of Eleanor Henderson’s novel of the same title.

Set in 1980s New York City, the story follows Vermont teenager Jude (Butterfield), who moves in with his hippie dad in NYC after his best friend Teddy overdoses. There he falls in with the no drugs, no sex, no meat straight-edge hardcore punk scene of the East Village.

Hailee plays Eliza, who becomes pregnant with Teddy’s child and leans on his brother Johnny and Jude for support.

Maybe people who hoped for the whole Petra and Ender love thing (hopefully not a lot) will get some satisfaction in seeing Asa and Hailee in these roles. They take on some new characters in this movie and I can’t wait to watch it. Check out some pictures below:

Source: Just Jared