Ashley Judd Talks About The Note She Recieved From Veronica Roth

Here is an article in which Ashley Judd talks about receiving a note from Veronica Roth. Sounds pretty cool to me!

When Veronica Roth first announced the addition of Ashley Judd to the “Divergent” movie cast,  she wrote simply, “Ashley Judd has been cast as Tris’s mother, Natalie Prior! What is there to say, really, but: !!! And !!!”

Gobs and gobs of uninhibited enthusiasm because obviously.

With her portion of shooting on the way, Judd got a little note from Roth herself with a little more to say about her selection for the role of Natalie Prior, which the author has declared to be one of her very favorites.

Judd posted on Twitter yesterday, “Very pleased to start filming @Divergent soon. Loved my fitting for my extraordinary Abnegation costumes & my book!!”

1367498309_2556_Ashley Judd

She included a glimpse at the book, the signing upon which reads, “Ashley – So excited you’re on board! I know you will be an amazing Natalie. V. Roth.”

It’s always nice to have a vote of approval from the source material author, but this one’s extra sweet and confident! How cute.


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