Asked and Answered

You asked and James Dashner has answered. This past week he has blogged the answers of five new fan submitted questions including the reason behind the Glader’s slang, where he writes his books to how he got his big break.

When asked about where and how he writes:

 I always, always type and edit my books on my laptop. Using the good old-fashioned Word. Nothing fancy. I love being able to take my job anywhere I like, from the mountains to a library to a bookstore to my backyard. And my office, of course. I have an author friend who writes her books out longhand before entering them into a computer. Ugh. I could never do that!!!

His “Big Break”:

How did I get my big break? That’s a great question. It seems like any successful author had a few lucky breaks and I’m no exception. I started with a small publisher, moved to a medium-sized one, then got on with Random House. Each step can be traced back eventually to someone I met at a conference or something like that.

And that ever popular Glade lingo:

hanks for asking about the slang in THE MAZE RUNNER. That was a lot of fun to create. Basically, it had two purposes:

1. To show that this was taking place in a different time and to give their language its own flavor.

2. To give their words a harshness – to match their environment – without getting banned from every school in the world. It wouldn’t have made much sense for Minho to say, “Gee darn golly, there’s a goshdang Griever up there!” I was being practical.

To read the rest of the this delightful Q&A give a visit. Speaking of James’s blog, you won’t be able to see it in its current state much longer! in the next two-three weeks  will  and get a total makeover become a “professional-looking” website.

I know that much hasn’t been going on here, but us admins have plans brewing. Stay tuned over the coming weeks…..

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