AVENGERS 4 Casts 13 REASONS WHY’s Katherine Langford

The cast for the untitled AVENGERS 4 film got even bigger with this new 13 REASONS WHY addition!

Marvel Studios has just let out the news that actress Katherine Langford will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Avengers movie.

Langford has already shot her scenes, and the filming for the movie has already been wrapped, including some additional photography earlier this month. However, there are no details available about what will be her role in the film, since Marvel Studios made no comments.

Langford had her breakout role with the Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for her acting during the show’s first season.

Avengers 4, as it is referred to, will take place in the aftermath of Thanos’ infamous snap, and will hit theaters on May 3th, 2019.


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