Awesome Interview with Veronica Roth!

Veronica Roth gave a fantastic interview on The Hub with the Young Adult Library Services Association. Have you ever wondered which faction the Disney Princesses would be in? Roth discusses Mulan’s Divergence, surviving a zombie apocolapyse ontop of a Wal Mart or Costco roof and answers a few quick questions about her favorite things.

This interview really gives us a glimpse into the kind of person that Veronica Roth is. For instance, did you realize that she was so young? She was a senior in college when her book sold! Check out this insightful excerpt:

“Before the book sold, I was a senior in college completing a grad school application (not for further study of creative writing) with no job prospects. So I suppose you could say the book changed everything…”

Also, check out these cool pictures of Veronica Roth getting in touch with her crafty side for Halloween!

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