Barbara Haunts Leslie and Jim In GOTHAM “Crazy Woman” Clip

Barbara Kean proves she’s a crazy woman in new GOTHAM clip!

Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon have had a pretty messy relationship on Gotham from the start, but a little brainwashing and murder, plus a new relationship with Dr. Leslie Thompkins for Jim, certainly haven’t made things any easier. Barbara has been branded a crazy woman and shipped off to Arkham Asylum for the rest of her days, but that doesn’t mean she’s going quietly.

Clearly still harboring some feelings For Jim, Barbara takes some time to call him up in a clip from the Season 2 premiere episode, “Damned If You Do.” It turns out she doesn’t have much love for her replacement in Jim’s life, Leslie. And if Jim won’t listen, she’ll have to take her message straight to the doctor herself.

It’s still really unclear how Barbara’s unpredictable story arc will play out. Canon would have her marrying Jim and having two children– serial killer James Jr. and Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl– but she’d have to make a pretty miraculous recovery in there. Are show runners flirting with the idea of an alternate universe in which Barbara never recovers and, as some fan theories suggest, becomes a supervillain like Harley Quinn? Or will Barbara recover, making this a somewhat elaborate set up for James Jr.’s future mental instability?

barbara gotham crazy woman

We’re all for a stretch of the imagination, but how far is too far?

Gotham returns in one week on Monday, September 21st on FOX.



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