Barbara Hershey and Robbie Kay Return To ONCE UPON A TIME For The 100th Episode

Barbara Hershey and Robbie Kay join the growing list of familiar faces returning to Once Upon a Time this season.

Barbara Hershey and Robbie Kay

Barbara Hershey will reprise her role as Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) mother, Cora aka the Queen of Hearts. Last we saw her she was killed by Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) when trying to obtain the Dark One’s dagger.

Barbara Hershey and Robbie Kay

Another returning character will be Peter Pan, portrayed by Robbie Kay. Pan had tried to take over Storybrooke, which forced his son Rumple (Robert Carlyle) to kill Pan and himself to save the town.

Both Barbara Hershey and Robbie Kay will appear in the 100th episode airing in March. No details surrounding their returns just yet.

Other familiar faces returning this season include Jamie Chung (Mulan), Meghan Ory (Red), and David Anders (Dr. Whale).


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