Barbara Strikes Against Jim Gordon In GOTHAM ‘Tonight’s The Night’ Previews

Can Barbara get her revenge in ‘Tonight’s The Night’?

Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean’s tense storyline will hit a whole new level on the next episode of Gotham, ‘Tonight’s The Night’!

In the comics, Barbara does go insane, but only after marrying Jim. The two have a son, James Jr, and later adopt Barbara’s niece– also named Barbara– who becomes Batgirl. Despite Barbara going crazy and Jim forming a solid new relationship with Leslie Thompkins, there was always a chance of a recovery leading back to this plot… but that’s probably going out the window in the next episode!

Several new clips from ‘Tonight’s The Night’ show Barbara getting her big revenge against Jim, blaming his rejection for the cruel, criminal life she’s led since!

Watch as Barbara’s early hopes and dreams of ending up with Jim are cruelly twisted in nightmare form with a wedding rehearsal gone terribly, freakishly wrong.

And after a nightmare like that, it’s no big surprise that Barbara seems pretty happy to take part in Theo’s plan to take down Jim once and for all. She doesn’t seem to realize that the chance of it all backfiring is pretty high!

Next we see Barbara’s insane plan in action! She isn’t afraid to get personal about her feelings for Jim as they drive along to a secret location, but it all turns out to be a major distraction!

Meanwhile, Theo Galavan is still trying to secure the city of Gotham as his own… and he isn’t afraid to bribe a young Bruce Wayne in order to do so.

Gotham‘s ‘Tonight’s The Night’ airs Monday on FOX.

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