BATMAN V SUPERMAN Deleted Scene Reveals Lex Luthor’s Secret Communion

BATMAN V SUPERMAN deleted scene introduces future enemies!

Warning: There are spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice all over this post! Beware!

If you thought Lex Luthor’s “He is coming” scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a bit confusing, a new deleted scene just released (four days after the movie’s opening!) might help clear some things up for you. Then it will give you a hundred more unanswered questions.

Check out the clip that Lex Luthor communicating with a mysterious alien figure inside the Kryptonian ship just before his big arrest.

With the extra piece put into place, it’s easier to assume that the “He is Coming” line refers to Darkseid. We’ve definitely got an alien figure (without complete CGI, it seems) and Mother Boxes. But who is Lex communicating with, exactly?

MovieWeb speculates that the figure is Steppenwolf, Darkseid’s highest ranking general on home planet Apokolips and one of the New Gods. It definitely would make sense and could be an intro of sorts to Justice League: Part 1, but it could also be a totally different character. So many mysteries to be solved!

lex luthor batman v superman deleted scene steppenwolf darkseid

Despite it just hitting theaters, Warner Bros all already touting the home video release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice on July 16, 2016, which will include the “Ultimate Rated R Edition.” The Blu-ray is currently available for pre-order.

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