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The Battle of Culloden Arrives In OUTLANDER Finale Preview

OUTLANDER finale preview promises raging war and gut-wrenching decisions for Claire and Jamie!

Despite all the planning and attempts to change the future, the day of reckoning is coming to Outlander. Claire and Jamie’s best efforts weren’t enough to stop the Battle of Culloden, which historically ends the rebellion and effectively wipes out Scottish Highlander culture as we know it. There’s nothing left to do but fight in Outlander‘s Season 2 finale, “Dragonfly In Amber.”

The 90-minute episode is set to feature big reveals, major curveballs, and a huge emotional upheaval. Watch this short preview that gives a small taste of the episode, including the battle in action, Jamie and Dougal facing off, and Claire and Jamie back to the fateful stones of Craigh na Dun!

We’re definitely expecting to feel some heartache during this finale episode, but we’re suckers for pain and will be begging for more next season. Plus, we can’t wait to get our first taste of on-screen Brianna and Roger.

Outlander Season 2’s finale episode, “Dragonfly In Amber,” airs on July 9, 2016.

The day of the Battle of Culloden has arrived, and Jamie must do everything he can to save the ones he loves.

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