BB-8 Amazes the Audience at STAR WARS Celebration

BB-8 Amazes the Audience at STAR WARS Celebration

Aside from missing the cast appearance and Pierce Brown, I think the one thing that I’m bummed about missing is seeing BB-8 roll on stage.  It’s certainly no wonder that BB-8 amazes the audience at Star Wars Celebration.  I would’ve been right there with everyone else trying to get a video of that that lovely little guy.  As much as I love R2-D2, BB-8 is not hard to add as another reason I’m already loving The Force Awakens.

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And I’m sure there are many robotic experts and fanatics that are probably “meh” about the whole thing, but whatever, man.  I’m loving that this thing actually exists, and i can’t wait to Star Wars fans start building their own BB-8s so I can see more of them in future cons.

You can check out more about the company that helped create the little roboto-ball at Slashfilm.

BB-8 Amazes in Star Wars teaser trailer