“Beautiful Creatures” actors Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert on Fox Interview


Four of the actors from the “Beautiful Creatures” movie have just started their mall tour, and Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert were in the Boston for their first stop.  VB from Fox 25 Morning News got a chance to talk to them about the movie: 

VB:  Are you two ready for superstardom?

Alice: No.

Alden: No.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

 VB: I think you’ed better get ready because it’s coming in a couple of weeks, if this thing is as big as it looks like it’s gonna be.  

Alden: Yeah, if people like it, yeah.

VB: Is it exciting right now? Are you guys just nervous as hell or a little bit of both?

Alden: I think both. 

Alice: I think “nervous as hell” is a good way to put it.  The thing is we’ve already seen the film and we like the film, so we’re happy.  But now it’s like, “Ahh!”

VB: Well, you see its ratings and heard reviews, and people are getting into this.  It looks like the buzz is there.

Alice: I read nothing, so I can’t- 

Alden: I don’t read anything either.  I really try to not-

Alice: I only listen to my mom and dad-

Alden: Cause you go on, and all you hear is, “You’re ugly,” and “You look fat,” and “You’re too old-“ 

Alice: Yeah! “She doesn’t have green eyes.” 

On the comparison to the “Twilight” movies – 

Alice: I don’t think I’ve every really processed the comparison.  I don’t really think anything of it.  I totally understand it, it’s just the genre… Twilight opened up that genre or something-

Alden: Hopefully people like the movie even a fraction as much as they were crazy for that film.

VB goes on lightly teasing Alden about how he likes Alice’s accent better. (Alden took it in stride.)  

VB: It’s got a little “Star Wars” kinda thing, too.  You got this good and evil, and which way are you going to go, and how are you going to choose?  

Alice: You’re right.  I think what we both really loved about the project is that at its core, the themes are great.  I think you can never get past the struggle between good and evil.  Can you be good or evil?  I think that’s always a good one.  You know, it just rings true, no matter what.  That’s why we keep doing it. 

On having Oscar winning actors in the movie with them – 

Alden: They’re all so talented, and we would go and watch them on the monitor when they were doing scenes, cause it was like free acting class.   to see them do scenes with each other, so it’s amazing that we get to work with people of that caliber, yeah. 

On the setting of the story being Southern Gothic – 

Alden: That’s what Richard really was drawn to, that it’s such a regional story, that it really takes place within a specific town with a specific culture and the movie’s very much about that. 

On the spinning table scene – 

Alice:  That was hilarious because Richard wanted to shoot as much of the magic in camera as possible. In theory, we were like “Yeah, that’s a great idea! Let’s do it like that, cause CGI gets old so quickly.”  And then we spent three days in this room that goes up and down and spins round  and you’re tied to a pole yelling at Emmy Rossum across the room.  Eileen Atkins going “***damn it!” 

On Alden not originally getting the part – 

VB: You weren’t gonna be the guy!

Alden: No. I didn’t audition in the first place-

Alice: But he is the guy! (laughs)

Alden: Aw. Yeah, well now.  I got the call at 8 in the morning, and then at 4 in the afternoon I was on a flight to New Orleans, and then a week later we were shooting the film.  So it was like (snaps fingers).  So, I was trying to learn the accent, ya know.  

On signing on for more films – 

VB: Are you guys already signed on for future ones? Or are we going to see how this one goes? 

Alden: Yeah. Two more. 

Alice: It’s pretty standard thing to be signed up. 

Alden: We’ll see.  If it’s really successful, hopefully yeah. 

VB: I think there are some People magazine covers in your future.

Alice: Oh God. 

Alden: (laughs)

Those two genuinely look like they enjoy each other’s company, which is a good thing if they’re to do more movies.  And as they say, hopefully it’ll be really successful, and we can see how the rest of the books play out on film.  I do agree if anything, the experience for them was probably well worth it being around all those wonderfully talented Academy Award (and BAFTA) winners. 

To watch the video, go here.

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