‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Authors Spill More Secrets of Gatlin County, Plus the Opening Track “Interception!”

One thing that I forgot to mention in my review of the movie, Beautiful Creatures, was the fact that I actually enjoyed the score that was by thenewno2.  It’s not played as loudly as some other movies play the soundtrack, but I definitely noticed it because it had a unique sound to it, but still fit in with the feel of the movie.  I loved it, and you can listen to the first track after the jump.

First, let’s read what things the authors, or in this case, Margaret Stohl, had to say about the books.

JJJ: How did the “Sixteen Moons” poem come about?

Margaret Stohl
Margaret Stohl

Margaret Stohl: Sixteen Moons was the original title of our first draft, and it’s still the title of our book in many countries. Those two words came to us during the lunch where we invented the Casters, and for months after that we wondered, “What would happen in a book called Sixteen Moons?” The song is one way that the universe tries to warn Ethan about his dangerous destiny, and about the mysterious Caster world that lies beneath regular old Gatlin.

JJJ: How did you want the reader to feel when Ethan and Lena first went into the Lunar Libri underneath the DAR?

Margaret: [They are] very much like catacombs [in Paris]. We wanted the reader to take that mysterious journey with Ethan and Lena, to feel the darkness of the place. Ancient magic is neither good nor evil; the Lunae Libri is part of the Caster Tunnels, which is sort of like an ancient highway. Anything can happen there!

JJJ: Some of our favorite chapters are the ones where Lena and Ethan are having real life relationship problems. Did you have trouble writing those chapters where they break up and get back together at all and how many tears were shed over her breaking his heart a bit?

Margaret: Oh yes! We’ve shed our own tears at some point during not just those chapters but each of the four Beautiful Creatures Novels. Kami and I are very fond of both Ethan and Lena, as well Amma and Macon, Ridley and Link, and really all of our characters; it’s been very hard to let them go as our series has ended. Thank goodness we have the movie to keep the series alive, so we can keep revisiting our beloved Caster County!

JJJ: Did you plan on this becoming a four-part series?

Margaret: It’s hard to say, considering that we never really even planned on publishing a book at all! We were just two moms writing a story, not even a book, and it was for seven teens in our lives – my daughters, who were Kami’s students, her sister, and their friends. We did it on a dare from my oldest teen. The things we will do for our children! That said, Kami and I did know we had a massive saga planned, and the story does follow our original idea – we just didn’t know if anyone would give us a chance to tell it!


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