‘Beautiful Creatures’ cast and director discuss the film

Some of the cast of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ were at the New York Comic-Con last October and got to explain their roles in the film and a little about the source material.  Director Richard LaGravenese also talked about his vision for the movie:

LaGravenese told reporters that he sought out ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ “I wanted to keep the thing as real and as honest as possible. And I wanted to attract great actors.” Adding, “The experience of reading a book is interactive. You have your own imagination … When you’re making a film, it’s literal, it’s having a lot of that stuff told; having actors tell you stuff all the time is difficult. So, I had to combine stuff; make it shorter.”

Some fans may be up in arms about LaGravenese’s move to combine the Wate family’s housekeeper and Marion the librarian into one character, played by Viola Davis. He stated that he wanted to make Amma “an elegant seer, maybe something we hadn’t seen before.”

Rossum (Showtime’s ‘Shameless’) described her character Ridley: “She is the cousin of our protagonist, Lena, played by Alice Englert. I [Ridley] am a Caster … my power is the power of persuasion and I am a siren. It was really fun; I get to play kind of a bad ass, dark heroine witch, but who’s elegant and classy and really chic.”

Rossum showed her fandom of the Beautiful Creatures series, “I was familiar with the books a little bit. But I read them all; I binged on them in one weekend. I took everything from the character that I could off the page.”

Ehrenreich praised both LaGravenese’s script and the book series, “What I loved about the story, within three pages of reading the script … is the character that was on the page, that Richard created and is in the book.”

“I play Emily Asher who is Ethan Wate’s crazy, cuckoo ex-girlfriend,” said [Zoey] Deutch. “It was fun to play.” If Deutch looks familiar, you may recognize her from the short-lived CW show Ringer as the stepdaughter of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character. Or, maybe her adorable looks remind you of her mother, actress Lea Thompson.

I, too, was a little concerned about Marion’s name missing from the cast list on IMDB and did correctly assume they were combining Marion with Amma, but still, I will always give the movie the benefit of a doubt.  As we should be familiar with, movies cannot possibly detail everything about the book they are adapting.  From the recent trailer, it’s obvious there are some changes and of course it might not look how you pictured it.  After all, it’s not your vision the director is going by.


By Nat, the Geek Girl

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