‘Beautiful Creatures’ Isn’t Twilight 2.0


Link (Thomas Mann) and (Ridley Duchannes) Emmy Rossum

There was a little article on this idea of calling ‘Beautiful Creatures‘ a kind of ‘Twilight 2.0,’ but at least one of the actors does not see it that way:

Breaking Dawn Part 2‘ may hit theaters in two weeks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to what comes next in the world of young adult-adapted flicks: ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ another angsty teen fantasy that’ll hit theaters Feb. 13, 2013.  But star Thomas Mann says it’s a completely different story.

“I think that’s inevitable. People are going to say that,” Mann told us at the premiere of his movie ‘Fun Size‘ about whether Creatures is the next ‘Twilight.’ “But I think this movie just stands on its own…I don’t think it takes itself too seriously. Richard LaGravenese, the director, is really good at writing at writing in a lot of subtle comedy into the scenes.”

Mann, who plays the best friend and comic relief in the otherwise “dark movie,” continued, “A lot of these movies can take themselves so seriously when it’s dealing with such crazy, outlandish situations. I think that was important.”

Thomas Mann plays Link, Ethan Wate’s best friend.  Even if what Mann says is true and that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, let’s hope it takes itself a little seriously, especially with such actors as Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, and Emma Thompson in the film.

(Source: E! Online)

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