‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Stars and Producer Talk the Scope and Tone of the Film


In a recent interview with Dread Central, actors Alden Ehrenreich, Thomas Mann, and Zoey Deutch talked about the Beautiful Creatures movie.

Alden Ehrenreich, who plays Ethan Wate, on the scope and tone:

There are a lot of different scenes in the movie,” Ehrenreich said. “Scenes that are epic, scenes that are magic. The tone of the scenes that I’m in is romantic, charming, wonderful stuff. To me, parts of this movie feel like a romantic comedy because there’s really these funny things, these bumblings and failings of someone trying to date someone, trying to get to know another person.”

He continued describing the tone: “It’s able to laugh at itself. It has wit, it has charm. It’s a character-driven movie that has a sense of humor to it. When you see these movies about these crazy supernatural things and nobody goes, ‘Whoa, wait a second,’ and laughs at it for a second, that doesn’t feel like what we would really do in real life. We have to laugh at this stuff.”


Ehrenreich on the visual effects:

We did very little CGI so a lot of it is the real sets, and I got to see a lot of that in person and act in that. So that was really amazing.”

Ehrenreich on the the physicality of his role:

“I get kind of tossed and turned and whipped; I pass out and fly around. I’m kind of the victim of all the magic in the movie so it’s physical in that sense for sure.”

Thomas Mann on the humor of his character:

“I play Link, who is sort of the comedic relief in the movie,” Mann said. “He’s Ethan’s best friend, and they go to the same school and are part of this small Southern, very religious town. They both feel kind of trapped, but Ethan and Link are different than everyone else. They feel they can transcend this, like there’s more out there for them. The scenes with Link and Ethan are sort of light and bring some light to this dark story so I’m excited for people to see them.”

Link (Thomas Mann) and Ridley (Emmy Rossum)
Link (Thomas Mann) and Ridley (Emmy Rossum)

Mann on the physicality of his role:

“Physical in a romantic way, but also physical in a violent way as well.”


Zoey Deutch on blood and the appeal of the movie:

“Oh, there’s blood involved; there’s gore,” Deutch said. “I get bloody with glass in my face. But the film does appeal to a wide range of people from young to adult because it’s got Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson and Viola Davis. There’s so many different aspects of the story. It’s a human-based story with supernatural aspects. It’s really different.”

Producer Broderick Johnson also got to reveal some other aspects of the movie as well:

“We’re excited about the music,” Johnson said. “We’ve got Thenewno2, which has Dhani Harrison (George Harrison’s son) and Paul Hicks (son of Tony Hicks of The Hollies), and actually, Tony Hicks will be playing banjo in our movie. Also Jonathan Sadoff, who actually has done scores for two independent movies, but as a group they’re known as Thenewno2 and they’ve never done a score before, but they’re coming up with the most original, coolest stuff. We’re recording at Abbey Road with dad’s guitar. I’m really excited.”

Johnson on creating realistic characters:

“There are no monsters or ghosts, but there are supernaturals,” Johnson said. “I wanted to make it as real as possible and grounded in the real world. Real characters who happen to have supernatural powers, and if you take away their powers, they’re just like you or me. So they have a family holiday dinner, which erupts into a disaster like all our family holiday dinners, but instead of just yelling and screaming and throwing food, they use their powers to start a fight, but if you take out their powers, it still works.”

You can read the full article at Dread Central.

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